Journey to Your Best Life

Are you ready to discover your powerful potential and achieve your dreams?  R2G guides you to your best life through our integrative holistic coaching when your life journey goes astray from your  true intentions, dreams, and passions….

It starts by discovering your desires and goals.  What follows is a journey to achieve those dreams and addressing the obstacles that you put in to block your success.  The goal is to empower you to create a fulfilling life that is uniquely yours.

Your Journey Starts Here

Holistic coaching examines all aspects of your life (mind, body and spirit) to create a balanced life. If you have a great career but with no financial integrity and poor health – this is not a balanced and fulfilled life. Integration of your life events, the meaning you’ve placed on them and the emotional memories all play a part in creating your life patterns and how you operate in the world.

Coaching is different from therapy, wherein you provide us the information and together and we work out an empowering process to get rid of thoughts that don’t serve you.  It also releases emotional stress, and takes on new actions that challenge and change you.


Return to the Garden provides holistic services and products for your mind, body, and spirit.

Your holistic coach will guide you on how to nurture every aspect of your life: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. You’ll gain a deeper appreciation for the most essential things in life and remove barriers that get in the way.

  • DISCOVER your true passions
  • FIND your authentic, loving self
  • CONNECT to the abundant healing powers of plants and nature
  • INSPIRE you to create positive changes for an abundant life

Holistic Coaching

Holistic Coaching

Commitment to Growth & Legacy
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Nature's Remedies

Nature's Remedies

Seeking Healing Powers of Earth's Medicine
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Nurture your mind, body, and soul by using products that help you pursue a holistic lifestyle. Check out these items that are plant based and contain natural ingredients.


Everyday products you use in your home from cleaning to pampering your self. Bath and Beauty, house cleaning items.


Use natural remedies to help your body maintain good health . We offer products untainted by preservatives and other chemicals.

Ready to Live Your Best Life?

Let Return to the Garden show you how. We welcome questions about our services and how integrative holistic lifestyle may benefit you. Talk to us today.

Achieve holistic wellness and learn how to lead a simple, fulfilling, and sustainable life. Let Return to the Garden show you how to let go of life’s unnecessary baggage.

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